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SL Superintendent Reacts to Governor Pushing for 100-Percent Face-to-Face Learning

January 15, 2021 7:49am

Storm Lake Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole says they've needed to find a few extra substitute teachers this year, as there have been associate shortages...(audio clip below)

Storm Lake is using a “pod concept” for the high school this year, with students learning face-to-face for half the day, and online the other half. Dr. Cole says the constant rule changes from the state level this year has not helped them in telling families how school is going to look. She said schools have almost always been given no notice in regards to a large change, and parents expect that to be communicated instantly.

Governor Kim Reynolds is urging state legislators to pass a law that would require students to have 100-percent in-person learning...(audio clip below)

Dr. Cole said the district's COVID positivity rate is down four to five percent from November.