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Iowa Attorney General Issues Election Laws Reminder

October 29, 2020 12:56pm

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is reminding voters about various laws to help protect the integrity of November 3rd election.

Miller says he believes Iowa can be a model for the rest of the country, adding voters will be able to cast ballots safely and securely. He says it's important voters know THEY are the ones that will decide the outcome of the election, not candidates or government officials. 

Miller says voter intimidation is a felony, adding it will not be tolerated in Iowa. He says multiple state and federal laws are in place to protect your rights and address disruptions and unrest on Election Day and after.

Miller encourages anyone seeing problems at polling sites to report them to precinct election officials and local law enforcement.


The following Iowa laws are particularly important to remember and abide by during election season....

No one can intimidate, threaten or coerce you to vote or refrain from voting. Iowa Code 39A.2

No one can destroy, deliver, or handle an application for a ballot or an absentee ballot with the intent of interfering with the voter’s right to vote.  Iowa Code 39A.2

No one can interfere with the validity of an election. No one can file a challenge to your right to vote by using false information.  Iowa Codes 39A.3,  48A.14 or 49.79

No one can post signs, congregate, solicit votes or loiter within 300 feet of the door to a polling place. Iowa Code 39A.3

No one can interrupt, hinder or oppose a voter while in or approaching the polling place or when marking the ballot. This restriction includes poll watchers designated by political parties who are allowed in polling places. Iowa Code 39A.4

Any precinct election official shall order the arrest of any person who behaves in a noisy, riotous, tumultuous or disorderly manner at or about the polls, so as to disturb the election.  Iowa Code 49.105 


If you have questions, you can call the Secretary of State’s office at (888) 767-8683 or the Attorney General's office at 515-281-5164 or