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Fire Department Called to Incident at Condos Building

October 13, 2020 7:28am

The Storm Lake Fire Department responded to a fire shortly before 10am Monday at Oakwood Condos at 1317 North Seneca Street.

Upon arrival of fire fighters, they determined that smoke had filled the 2nd floor hallway of the building, and residents were evacuated.

Further investigation determined that a contractor was purging lines on an air conditioning unit on the second floor using an aerosol product. When the vaporized liquid entered the small closet space, it was ignited by the pilot flame on the water heater. The fire had been extinguished before fire fighters arrived.

There were no injuries.

Fire fighters were on scene for approximately 35 minutes ventilating smoke from the building. Smoke and heat damage to the closet is estimated at approximately five-hundred dollars.

The Storm Lake Police Department and the Buena Vista County Paramedics assisted at the scene.