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SLPD Unveils New YumVee Community Outreach Mobile

September 17, 2020 3:15pm

The Storm Lake Police Department announces the completion of their new community outreach vehicle. 

In June, the Storm Lake Police Department was awarded a community grant from Tyson Foods.  The grant allowed the department to repurpose a utility military surplus Humvee.  The Humvee was painted black and white and equipped with an ice cream freezer so that officers can patrol Storm Lake neighborhoods and give away free ice cream.

The department's “Yumvee” will be used by officers to engage citizens and make connections through community outreach. 

The Storm Lake Police Department has had success in the past making community connections by handing out ice cream, Klondike Bars, Bomb Pops and other frozen treats on hot summer days.  The challenge has always been keeping frozen items from melting.