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Three Northwest Iowa Counties Have 15-Percent COVID Positive Rate

September 16, 2020 7:55am

Four Iowa counties early this (Wed) morning have a more than 15-percent 14-day positive rate for COVID-19, with Sioux County the highest at 26.1-percent.

The other counties include Lyon (19.8)...Plymouth (15.5)...and Henry (15.2).

O'Brien County comes in just under at 14.9.

Some other area county positive rates for COVID-19 include Crawford at 13.8...Carroll 13.4...Ida 13.3...and Buena Vista is at 11.2.

If a county reaches a 15-percent average, and if there is also a ten-percent absentee rate among the student population, school districts in that county can apply for a waiver for two weeks of online instruction.