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Sac City Positioned for New Business and Industry Recruitment

September 11, 2020 3:47pm

Sac City plans for a vibrant future in the midst of COVID-19, which has impacted businesses and placed economic hardships on many small communities.

Local businesses, united by Sac Development Corporation, have combined their resources to share the town's opportunities for business expansion and new development.

Sac City is aggressively working to become stronger throughout and after the pandemic by using a series of videos, social media campaigns, a new website, and personal contacts.

City Councilperson Bruce Perry commented, "At a time when it would be easy for residents to immerse themselves in fear, it is amazing to see people uniting to prepare for the future. This investment is a great example of the synergy that keeps small towns a driving force in the national economy.

"Sac City's location provides excellent opportunities for distribution centers, various types of manufacturing, ag-related business and medical industry subsidiaries...the opportunities are truly limitless."

Partnering with a local marketing firm allows city residents to share their stories of investing time, talent, and treasure into the community that continues to thrive. As one of the top ten communities identified in Iowa State University's "Shrink Smart" study, Sac City residents pride themselves in providing many larger city amenities in a safe, small-town setting.

The development of recruitment videos that carefully follow community branding standards is the latest step in the integrated marketing program that promotes the business advantages in Sac City. 

Brandy Ripley, Sac County Economic and Tourism Development director, commented, "Since the marketing program began, inquiries from potential businesses for Sac City and the surrounding area have increased dramatically. It is exciting to see a small community work to tell its story and share its vision."