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Several Thousand Have Signed Petition Opposing Governor's In-Person School Requirement

July 30, 2020 8:50am

The Iowa State Education Association says 36-thousand people have signed an online petition opposing Governor Kim Reynolds’ requirement that 50-percent of school instruction be in-person.

Some districts planned to keep classes mostly, or completely, virtual to start the year to protect teachers and students from coronavirus.

The Storm Lake Community School District is implementing a “pod concept” for grades K through 6, as they will attend class in small groups throughout the district's campuses. The East Early Childhood Center will likely have half-day learning. 7th-graders will have all face-to-face classes at the high school. A hybrid model may be used for Storm Lake 8th-grade students. High school students will have 50-percent in-person classes, and the other half virtual.

Storm Lake St. Mary's is going with all face-to-face classes.

The governor’s order also lowers the requirements for substitute teachers, something the ISEA is also against. Governor Reynolds has said she made the order requiring face-to-face classes because isolation could harm students’ academic progress and mental health. It also allows parents to choose an all virtual option.