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Storm Lake Residents Asked to Conserve Water

July 10, 2020 10:56pm

The City of Storm Lake is asking residents to use water in a more conservative manner.

Water usage has significantly increased in Storm Lake during the last few weeks.  While there is no mandatory water conservation order in affect, if voluntary conservation does not lead to a reduction in use, mandatory conservation measures would be implemented starting on July 20th.

Simple conservation techniques can be implemented now to help reduce the need for mandatory water conservation measures.  Residents and businesses should limit the watering of lawns to the late evening hours or early morning hours.  Watering outside of these hours increases the amount of water that evaporates and reduces the amount that actually reaches the lawn due to the extreme heat.

When residents or businesses do water their lawn, they should direct sprinklers so that they are watering the lawn area and not the sidewalk or driveways where water runs off into the storm water collection system.