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Water Advisory Issued in Newell Due to Possible Contamination

July 08, 2020 4:47pm

The city of Newell has issued a “do not use” water advisory due to a possible mercury contamination.

The city’s water supply operator noticed what appears to be a small amount of mercury in a wastewater drain at the city’s treatment plant this morning.

While the city works to determine the source of the mercury and its potential to contaminate drinking water, the DNR recommends Newell residents use bottled or an alternative source of water for all uses, especially drinking, making ice, infant formula, brushing teeth, or preparing food.

The DNR recommends people avoid skin contact with the water. It’s also important to provide safe water for pets. Do not boil water, as that could concentrate any contaminants.

The city has collected water samples for analysis. Initial results may be available later today, but final lab results will likely be available on Thursday.