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St. Mary's Taking Safety Precautions for On-Site Learning

July 01, 2020 4:35pm

The Storm Lake St. Mary's administration has been working to ensure a safe environment for faculty, staff, and families when school returns in the fall. 

St. Mary’s has been consulting the guidance of the Department of Education, leadership from the Sioux City Diocese, various community organizations, and a representative group of the St. Mary’s Leadership Team.  Planning has focused around key themes including, leadership, infrastructure, health and safety, academics, social-emotional-behavioral health, equity, data, and Catholic identity. 


On-site safety precautions are being considered in the following areas...

Morning drop-off starting at 7:45 rather than 7:30 with students in separated areas to reduce large gatherings in the cafeteria for prolonged periods of time (Those eating breakfast would still go to the cafeteria)

Preschool drop-off and pick-up from separate, designated doors

Hand sanitizing stations at student entrances

Possibility of faculty, staff, and students wearing masks when needed

Passing times between classes being staggered to prevent large groups in the hallways

More spacing between children in the lunch line and when eating in the cafeteria

More spacing between grades during school Masses

Elementary after school pick-up from separate, designated areas

Students in after care program divided into separated areas, as possible

Additional disinfecting done daily by custodial staff

More limitations on outside visitors entering the building

Increased safety protocols for students who get sick during the school day


If circumstances with Covid-19 require St. Mary’s to utilize an off-site or a hybrid mix scenario, refer to for more information.