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BV County Park Restrooms and Shower Houses Reopening

June 25, 2020 11:47am

Buena Vista County Conservation Board Director Greg Johnson announces that all restrooms and shower houses managed by the Board will reopen this Friday, June 26th.

Shower houses along with Modern Restrooms in the campground areas will reopen with elevated cleaning procedures and schedules. Vault restrooms throughout the County will receive the normal cleaning schedule of two times per week. All restrooms will be temporally closed for short amounts of time while the staff clean and disinfect the facilities.

Campers are no longer limited to self-contained units. Campers should still abide by the following restrictions:

· Campfires at the individual campsites should be limited to campers occupying that campsite.

· Try to limit group size

· Limit outside visitors to your site. Visitors must vacate the park by 10:30 P.M.

· Registration fees must be paid upon arrival in the envelopes provided and deposited in the fee box. Pay immediately to limit interaction between park staff having to request fees from campers.

· Maximum length stay is 14 days.

· Social distancing should be maintained at all times and frequent hand washing.

· Campers are encouraged to wear gloves when using dump station and hooking up to utilities.

· Communal picnic tables and grills are open for use at your own risk.

· Playgrounds, day-use rental shelter houses and overnight rental cabins will remain open.

· Our employees will try to maintain 6-foot spacing from the public as much as possible, we ask that you do the same for our employees.

· Failure to follow restrictions may result in the immediate termination of camping privileges.


Other Buena Vista County Conservation Board managed areas including parks, wildlife areas, hiking trails, lakes/ponds, and boat ramps will remain open to the public for Day-Use activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, bird watching, and general recreation.

All public educational programs and events have also been postponed until further notice. Naturalist

Katie will continue to conduct “Facebook Live” educational programming on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am.

Remember to stay home if you feel sick, wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your face, and bring supplies from home including disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and other hygiene products.

For additional questions please contact our Office at 712-295-7985 or