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Date Set for Reopening BV County Courthouse

May 22, 2020 10:49am

The Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors have set June 8th as the target date for reopening the courthouse to the public.

The department heads will work out their own staffing schedules. Supervisor Rhonda Ringgenberg said each department has a plan in place for reopening, and most will require an appointment to be set up before people can enter. Supervisor Paul Merten said that traffic control and having appointments in place should especially apply to the driver's license and motor vehicle departments.

More details as far as safety precautions and signage will be released to the public prior to the courthouse reopening.

Ringgenberg said she's been told that most counties are putting off reopening their courthouse to the public until either June 8th or June 15th. Ringgenberg did acknowledge that it might be difficult to tell people that they can go to a bar before they can enter the courthouse. Bars are allowed to reopen in the state next Thursday, May 28th.

With more COVID-19 testing going on in BV County, Public Health Administrator Pam Bogue expects the number of cases will go up dramatically in the near future. Bogue expressed concern about reopening while cases in the county are at their peak, but said she plans to open the Public Health building on the same date that the courthouse does.

County Attorney Paul Allen said regular court activities, which had been scheduled to resume June 1st, are expected to be delayed at least two to four weeks.