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Storm Lake Superintendent Says Plenty of Uncertainty with School Going Forward

May 21, 2020 9:28am

Storm Lake Community School District Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole said there are plenty of unanswered questions regarding how school might look this fall.

Cole said the school is working hard behind the scenes and is looking at multiple avenues. The Department of Education is requiring the school to write a continuous learning plan, which means that the school would continue to operate as they currently are.

Cole said there is also the option of a hybrid plan, which would mean students would only come to school on certain days of the week, and not all kids would come to school the same days.  She said each building is going to consider four to five hybrid plans.

With the school board's recent approval, Storm Lake is now a one-to-one district, giving all students a chromebook to take home.

Cole said she was surprised when the Governor allowed school-sponsored learning and activities to resume on June 1st. She anticipates having more information to share about how to proceed with that after sitting in on a Department of Education Zoom meeting (this) afternoon.