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COVID-19 Confirmed at Storm Lake Tyson Plants ; No Numbers Given

May 01, 2020 2:19pm

Cases of COVID-19 at the Storm Lake Tyson Foods plants have been confirmed by Communications Manager Liz Croston, although exact numbers are not being disclosed.

Croston says that they believe information is the best tool for fighting the virus, and they're working to keep their team members informed, and are also encouraging them to reveal what they are experiencing, so they can be supported in the best possible way.

Tyson Foods have been checking workers temperatures as they arrive at the facility, provided them with face coverings, and have initiated additional cleaning. They've implemented social distancing measures, such as installing workstation dividers and providing more break room space. Tyson relaxed their attendance policy in March to encourage workers to stay at home if they’re sick. They've also been educating team members on COVID-19, including the importance of following CDC guidelines away from work.

When Tyson Foods learns an employee has experienced symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19, they remain on sick leave until they are released by health officials to return to work. They also notify anyone who has been in close contact with the positive team member. The plant production areas are sanitized daily to ensure food safety, and Croston says they have significantly stepped up deep cleaning and sanitizing facilities, especially in employee break rooms, locker rooms, and other areas to protect team members.

She says they have a dedicated health and safety team working with local and state health officials and their facility operations team to make timely decisions about operations.