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BV Public Health Administrator Says COVID-19 Will Likely Show Up in County

March 25, 2020 8:28am

Buena Vista County Public Health Administrator Pam Bogue says that while there are not yet any positive cases of COVID-19 in BV County, that will probably change at some point.

"We have had none so far in BV County, but we anticipate that we probably will," Bogue says.  "We're seeing more testing done than we had several weeks ago.  The trend now is not to necessarily test everyone because of the limited number of kits.  We're getting more kits in Iowa all the time.  However, a lot of them are hygienic lab located right now, or in reference labs and not always locally.  They may have to be sent out."

Bogue says because of the restriction in the number of testing kits, those that are mildly ill may not get tested. Test kits are being saved for those that are very ill, or possibly for health care workers that may have been exposed.

Bogue says Public Health personnel are in constant contact with other health officials.

"Part of Public Health's responsibility when we first started working on this was to be the agency that got information out to health care providers," Bogue says.  "So early on, that's what we were doing.  We got direction from the state, and we would send it to key people in different areas who were responsible for getting out to people in their groups.  Now, everybody has really come to the forefront and are doing more education and sharing with each other."

COVID-19 information is available at the Iowa Department of Public Health and CDC websites.

A public hotline is available by calling 2-1-1.

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