Spoil Site Project Approved

March 30, 2016

The Lake Improvement Commission has approved moving forward with a repair and improvement project at the dredge spoil site.

There has been some erosion to the berm between the cells at the spoil site… and last fall, Storm Lake public works director Jason Etnyre told the commission repairs needed to be made. Etnyre said a crossover between the cells would benefit water quality and maximize capacity, and was requested by Dredge America as they would be able to dredge faster.

Etnyre says the project is estimated to cost 53-thousand dollars. He notes a large amount of clay was available from the Tenth Street Townhouse project, which has been stockpiled by the city.

Monday afternoon, the commission approved the plans… with the contract to be awarded on April 25th. Etnyre says they would like to get the project done as early in the season as possible, and it should be completed by June 30th.