Highway 7 Improvements Detailed

March 29, 2016

Work is expected to begin in early June on a 10.7-million dollar project to improve highway seven from Storm Lake to the highway three intersection in Cherokee County.

Buena Vista County Engineer Bret Wilkinson Tuesday morning told the Board of Supevisors work will begin 900 feet east of Northwestern Drive in Storm Lake. The new asphalt will be one-inch thicker… and the pavement will be 12-feet wider, which he terms a “big change”… with six-foot shoulder on each side.

Wilkinson says during construction, one lane will remain open in town with flaggers used… but in rural areas, the road will be closed when the asphalt is applied and traffic will be detoured on highways three and 71. He says the DOT knows businesses are concerned about access and will work with them, although there will not be access for a few hours when the paver goes by.

Wilkinson says the county plans to have a gravel section of 70th Avenue south of Lake Creek paved from highway seven to the railroad track, which has a lot of truck traffic and is hard to maintain. Wilkinson says it will cost the county about 15-thousand dollars… but it’s still the cheapest way to do it since the contractor will already be there.

The DOT expects the project will be completed by mid-September.