Three More Fight Arrests

February 04, 2016

Three additional arrests have been made in connection with a large fight in the 600 block of Lake Avenue early Sunday morning.

Wednesday afternoon, Storm Lake Police located a person wanted in connection with the fight. Twenty-two year-old Shaquiria Jordan of Storm Lake allegedly refused to open an apartment door after being told multiple times there was a warrant for her arrest and police would breach the door if she didn’t open it. Police eventually breached the door and took her into custody.

In the apartment, police located 22-year-old Cortez Degraffenried of Storm Lake, also wanted in connection with the fight. Police also located a one-year-old child who was released to a family member.

Jordan was charged with rioting, an aggravated misdemeanor, and disorderly conduct and interference with official acts, both simple misdemeanors. Degraffenried was charged with rioting and disorderly conduct. Both were jailed on two-thousand dollar bonds.

Thursday morning, 20-year-old Deonte Lamar Johnson of Storm Lake surrendered at the police station. He was charged with rioting and disorderly conduct, and jailed on a two-thousand dollar bond.

Six people have now been charged in connection with the fight, and police expect additional arrests.