Mike Huckabee In Sioux Center, Storm Lake

December 19, 2015

Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made a campaign stop in Sioux Center on Thursday, and in Storm Lake Friday afternoon.

Huckabee… who won the iowa republican caucus in 2008… says his unique experiences make him a standout in a sea of republican candidates. Huckabee… who has refrained from directly attacking any of the other republican candidates, including poll leaders Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz… says voting for someone other then him means you will be taking your chances.

Huckabee said the political atmosphere in Iowa and the country is different then it was when he won the Iowa caucus back in 2008. The former governor who has been running on the platform of increasing a sense of morality in the country, says morality is a trait that the new president must have.

Huckabee is trailing in the polls and is concentrating his campaign efforts on Iowa and South Carolina. He was quick to note he was trailing in the polls back in 2008 when he won the Iowa caucus.