DNR Investigates Hunting Accidents

December 14, 2015

A Marshalltown man suffered a self-inflicted injury to his hand from a shotgun slug while deer hunting Sunday in Palo Alto County.

  The DNR says 70-year-old David William Clark was sitting on a log with his loaded shotgun when it discharged as he was changing position striking him in the hand at about 7:45 Sunday morning at Basswood Recreation Area approximately one mile west of Emmetsburg.

  Clark was taken to Palo Alto County Hospital in Emmetsburg where he was being treated for a non-life-threatening injury.
Two other hunting accidents over the weekend are also under investigation by the DNR. A Worthington man was injured from a self-inflicted gunshot wound while trapping Sunday in Delaware County. Fifty-one year-old  Carey Ahlers was attempting to load his 22-caliber handgun while checking traps when it discharged striking him in the leg. He was taken to a Dubuque hospital, where he was being treated for what is believed to be a non-life-threatening injury.

A Bondurant man was injured by a gunshot wound while deer hunting Saturday in Guthrie County. Thirty-two-year-old Shaymus Smith was struck in the right leg by a shotgun slug fired from another member of his hunting party. The wound was not considered life threatening having missed the bone and arteries. He was taken to a Des Moines hospital for treatment. It is believed Smith was hit by a shot fired at a running deer. Smith was out of sight from other members of his party due to dense cover.