Corridor Development: Population Growth

December 02, 2015

Representatives of Iowa Lakes Corridor Development met this week with the Buena Vista County Supervisors… discussing their strategic plan for the next four years.

Corridor CEO Kiley Miller told the Supervisors for the past several years, they’ve been working on existing business support, entrepreneurial projects, workforce development, and business recruitment. He says a strategic planning session was recently held in Sioux Rapids, where they were told to “stay the course.”

Miller says they plan to concentrate on population growth… noting Iowa is growing at half the national average. He says people in the corridor are retiring out of the workforce, and they need to attract more people to the area… both retaining high school and college graduates and recruit others to move here.

Miller said another area they’re working on is housing development… with 220 housing starts in the corridor in the last three years. He predicts they will have at least that many just in the next year.