Sioux County Disaster Declaration

November 24, 2015

Monday Governor Terry Branstad issued a proclamation of disaster emergency for Sioux County in response to recent winter storms over the weekend.   

The governor’s proclamation allows State resources to be utilized to respond to and recover from the effects of a winter storm that affected Sioux County. During the storm, an electrical distribution transformer box explosion coupled with a water main break and other electrical failures resulted in damage to public property and power outages throughout the city of Sioux Center.

Early Saturday morning, large sections of Sioux Center lost power when a substation exploded.  At the same time the city experienced water shortages due to a broken water main. Utilities Manager Murray Hulstein said the crew witnessed the large explosion which released a large amount of energy and caused major damage to the substation. City officials say it could take up to six months for the substation to be completely fixed and fully operational.
The city has not confirmed any connection to the water main and power issues as both issues remain under investigation.