APHIS Issues Second Avian Flu Vaccine Request

November 24, 2015

The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is issuing a second request for an avian flu vaccine.

The agency says as it continues to prepare for a return of the highly pathogenic virus, manufacturers can submit vaccines to ensure a sufficient variety is available. Minnesota Turkey Growers Association director Steve Olson told Brownfield disease mutation is possible… which could mean the current vaccine might not be as effective or effective at all against this virus or protecting the birds.

In response to its first request issued in August, APHIS awarded contracts to Iowa-based Harris Vaccines and French animal health company Ceva for doses of two vaccines. The agency has not approved the use of either one, but has been collecting an emergency stockpile in the event of another outbreak.

Although no decision has been made to use vaccine in the event of a future avian influenza outbreak, APHIS will continue to issue requests for proposals for vaccine manufacturers on a quarterly basis through September 2016, to allow additional products to be developed and considered for the stockpile should an outbreak occur.