Review Of Clean Line Electric Plan On Hold

November 21, 2015

Review of a proposed 500-mile, two-billion dollar electric transmission line that would run from northwest Iowa wind turbines has been suspended.

Rock Island Clean Line has asked the Iowa Utilities Board to wait on the review while the company determines how they plan to move forward. The proposal has gotten opposition from rural landowners… and last February, there was a setback when the utilities board decided they would determine at the same hearing approval of the project and whether eminent domain could be used. Clean Line wanted separate hearings… and said they could spend millions of dollars buying property then have the project not approved.

The proposed line would begin in O’Brien County and run through 16 Iowa counties… including Clay and Palo Alto… taking electricity generated by wind turbines in northwest Iowa to customers in Illinois. The plan includes a 250-million dollar station near Sanborn to convert the wind energy from alternating to direct current.

In additional to approval from the Iowa Utilities Board, the project also needs approval from the Illinois Commerce Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.