Weekly Crop Report

November 17, 2015

Harvest activities and fall tillage were nearing completion last week, while some tiling, terracing, and fertilizer applications continued.

The USDA ‘s weekly crop report shows there were 4.2 days suitable for field work last week in northwest Iowa. Activities for the week included harvesting corn for grain, hauling and spreading manure, and anhydrous application.

Ninety-six percent of the corn crop statewide had been harvested as of Sunday, and 99-percent in northwest Iowa. Topsoil moisture levels rated three-percent short, 90-percent adequate, and 7 percent surplus.

Grain movement from farm to elevator was rated 43 percent moderate to heavy, down eight percentage points from the previous week. Off-farm grain storage availability was rated 77 percent adequate to surplus. On-farm grain storage availability was rated 67 percent adequate to surplus.