BV County Pipeline Ordinance Approved

November 17, 2015

An ordinance covering regulations for the proposed Dakota Access pipeline has been approved by the Buena Vista County Supervisors.

Attorney Gary Armstrong met Tuesday morning with the Buena Vista County Supervisors to discuss the ordinance, which has been under develop for some time. Calhoun County passed an ordinance mandating “requirements for construction of a hazardous liquid pipeline over, across, or beneath county drainage districts”… but Armstrong believed it was inadequate. He’s worked with the pipeline attorneys… and they have agreed the pipeline company will carry ten-million dollars insurance, there will be liability coverage for pollution and explosions, and the county will have the remedy to go to court to have the pipeline shutdown if they don’t have insurance.

Armstrong says the agreement also covers specifications for pipes crossing open cuts… the separation between the pipeline and tile lines… and having replacement tiles improved to current size standards.

The pipeline company will be charged 75-hundred dollars for each crossing on county right-of-way to cover the county’s legal and engineering costs.

Supervisor chair Dale Arends notes it would be possible for each landowner to negotiate other terms with the pipeline company.