Seal Coat Repairs Delayed On County Roads

November 16, 2015

Seal-coating on roads south of Storm Lake will be delayed until all work is done on the Southwest Shoreline Sanitary Sewer project.

The Buena Vista County Supervisors recently told county engineer Bret Wilkinson there have been complaints about 625th Street needing patching… but he said it’s difficult to keep seal coat together after a hole is dug in it… and they can’t guarantee there won’t be more digging due to septic tank problems. He says they will wait and do all seal coating at the same time, and until then, will do some patching.

Wilkinson was also asked about the half-mile of 450th Street west of Marathon, going to the park. Supervisor Don Altena said the road gets a lot of truck traffic, which chews it up. Wilkinson said former engineer Jon Ites wanted to grind it up and return it to gravel, but he thinks they can grind it up and put on a double seal coat, which can last for quite a while. He says there is interest in keeping it a hard-surface road, and a consistent surface would be better than what’s there now.