SLHS Fight

November 10, 2015

Six females were involved in a fight that occurred outside of the main south entrance at the Storm Lake High School.
According to Storm Lake Police, the incident occurred on Monday at approximately 3:30pm after school was let out. Police spoke with witnesses and school staff, who reported a fight involving six female Storm Lake High School students, identified as…15-year-old Samantha Calderon-Maciel…14-year-old Sonia Calderon-Maciel…15-year-old Omeca Wilson…18-year-old Shelly Hadley…15-year-old Esmerela Mendoza…and 16-year-old Sabrina Mendoza, all of Storm Lake.
Police allege the fight began over an ongoing feud between Samantha Calderon-Maciel and Shelly Hadley, where the two engaged in an argument and began fighting in front of the high school. Police allege the other four females became involved in the fight, which was broken up by by-standing students and faculty.
Five of the females were transported by police to the Storm Lake Police Department for questioning. One of the females, Samantha Calderon-Maciel, was transported by ambulance from the high school to the Buena Vista Regional Medical Center for treatment of minor head injuries.
All five juvenile females were ultimately issued juvenile referrals for rioting, an aggravated misdemeanor, and released to parents. Shelly Hadley was transported and booked into the BV Jail on a charge of rioting, an aggravated misdemeanor, and held on a two-thousand dollar bond.