Under Four Days Were Suitable for Fieldwork Last Week in Iowa

There were 3.5 days suitable for fieldwork in Iowa last week, with slightly more than that suitable in northwest Iowa according to the latest USDA Crop Progress Report.

Concerns were expressed about getting hay put up and spraying for weeds due to frequent rain.

Corn silking reached 17 percent statewide, which is equal to last year, but four days ahead of the five-year average. Northwest Iowa corn silking reached seven percent. 76 percent of corn across the state rated good-to-excellent.

Soybean blooming reached 32 percent statewide, two days behind last year, but equal to the average. 22 percent of northwest Iowa soybeans are blooming. Soybeans setting pods reached five percent statewide and two percent in northwest Iowa. 76 percent of soybeans are rated good-to-excellent.

60 percent of northwest Iowa has adequate topsoil moisture, with 39 percent surplus, and one percent short. 56 percent of northwest Iowa has adequate subsoil moisture, with 44 percent surplus, and none of northwest Iowa is short of subsoil moisture.