Two People Recognized During Spencer City Council Meeting for Heroics in Rescue of Two Boys

Special accolades were given during Monday evening’s Spencer City Council meeting to a man and a police officer who were involved in the rescue of two boys on the Little Sioux River in Spencer on May 9th.

The boys were swept away by the current while attempting to ride their bicycles across the flooded river. They managed to grab a hold of a utility pole and were clinging to it. Evan Scheck, a tennis coach, happened to be nearby and swam out to them and guided one of them back to shore. The other was assisted to shore after a police officer tossed a floatation device to Scheck, who was then able to get it to the other boy, who was then pulled to safety.

Spencer Police Chief Mark Warburton Monday evening praised the action of Scheck and one of his officers for their heroic actions…

Warburton says it’s proof of how fortunate we are to live in this area…

Warburton described the rescue as a total group effort, and also thanked bystanders who helped bring attention to what was going on.

(thanks to Community First Broadcasting station KUOO in Spirit Lake)