Three Vehicles Involved in Clay County Collision

Three people were taken to the hospital and a driver was charged following a three-vehicle accident last week in Clay County.

According to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, the accident happened around 6:30pm last Thursday, January 18th north of Everly. 63-year-old Douglas Vonarb of Maple Lake, Minnesota was stopped in a pickup truck facing south at the stop sign on 130th Avenue at the intersection of Highway 18. 65-year-old Anthony Randall of Lake City, Minnesota was traveling west in a semi tractor on the highway near 130th Avenue. 45-year-old Brenda Collier of Sutherland was driving a car, which was stopped facing east on Highway 18. Collier was waiting to turn north onto 130th Avenue. Vonarb did not see the semi-tractor because of another semi that was facing west in the turn lane. Vonarb failed to yield to the stop sign and struck the semi-tractor. The impact caused Vonarb’s pickup to strike Collier’s car. The impact from the collision forced Collier’s vehicle to turn south in front of Randall’s semi-tractor. The front end of the semi-tractor sideswiped the car. Collier’s car came to rest on the west side of 130th Avenue south of Highway 18. The pickup truck and semi-tractor came to rest in a ditch south of the highway.

Douglas Vonarb, and a passenger Wendy Vonarb, were transported by Everly Rescue to the Spencer Emergency Room for possible injuries. Collier was transported by the Spencer Ambulance to the Spencer ER for possible injuries. The semi tractor received 30-thousand dollars damage, the pickup truck received 15-thousand dollars in damage, while the car sustained eight-thousand dollars in damage.

Douglas Vonarb was issued a citation for Failure to Obey a Stop Sign.