Storm Lake’s Jacquie Drey Named Iowa Runner-up for Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Award

Storm Lake Early Elementary School STEM Teacher Jacquie Drey has been named the Iowa runner-up for the 2023 Excellence in Teaching About Agriculture Award.

The honor is awarded annually by the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation to recognize exceptional teachers in the classroom. The award is open to non-vocational pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade teachers to highlight their integrated efforts to teach students about the importance of food and agriculture and increase students’ agriculture literacy.

“Jacquie is incredibly deserving of this award recognition,” said Dr. Stacey Cole, Superintendent
of the Storm Lake Community School District. “She continues to innovate and find new ways to
deliver STEM instruction to our students. Her dedication to our students and passion for our
schools are evident in her classroom and our community.”

Throughout the school year, the EES STEM program at the Storm Lake School District collaborated with the local Farm Bureau and other various businesses associated with the agriculture industry.

“The district is grateful for these organizations’ steadfast partnerships in our STEM projects,”
said Dr. Cole.