Storm Lake School District Seeking a Grant for a Couple of Buildings

During Wednesday’s meeting, Storm Lake Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole informed the school board that the district is eligible to apply for a 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant for the Elementary and Middle Schools…

The grant would help support Tornado Club programming during the school year at the Elementary and Middle Schools. The district has already requested and received 150 thousand dollars for the Early Elementary School.

The board approved early graduation requests for four students. Dr. Cole said lots of kids meet graduation requirements before the end of their senior year, but most of them choose to stay in school for dual-credit courses among other things.

The board also approved letting the high school jazz choir attend the University of South Dakota Jazz Festival in Vermillion on March 19th. Dr. Cole said the jazz choir has attended the event for the last few years. The school board must approve the trip since it is out-of-state.


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