Storm Lake School District Meal Prices Expected to Hold Steady

Despite a significant increase in the cost of several food items, meal prices are expected to remain the same for the coming year within the Storm Lake School District.

Lunchtime Solutions is the district’s food service provider. At this week’s school board meeting, local director Whitney Vohs provided some current price examples now as compared to two years ago. She said a rib sandwich has gone up 140 percent, and mandarin oranges have risen 76 percent…

Meal pricing in Storm Lake has stayed the same for the last four years, which Board President Dave Skibsted said is unheard of. A student lunch is $2.85, adult lunch $4.15, and adult breakfast is $2.25. There is no charge for a student breakfast.

Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole called Vohs and Lunchtime Solutions a phenomenal partner…

Ala carte pricing is going up this coming year in the Storm Lake district. Entrees will be 25 cents higher, and milk will increase by a nickel.