Storm Lake School Board Approves New Mental Health Services Agreement

The Storm Lake School Board this week approved a software agreement for a new mental health therapy provider.

The district will be using Classroom Clinic to provide mental health therapy for students this school year. The Storm Lake district recently discontinued its on-site relationship with Plains Area Mental Health. Superintendent Dr. Stacey Cole said Classroom Clinic is typically a virtual therapy option…

Dr. Cole said school districts tend to purchase 200 units for the service, but Storm Lake is obtaining 300 units due to their higher mental health needs…

Cole said there will be on-site service with med management, and there might also be on-site therapists in the future. Cole anticipates the service will have more face-to-face availability down the road. She said since Classroom Clinic has the virtual option, a person will always be available to provide therapy, and this makes it easier to keep the service going over the summer. Classroom Clinic provides 24/7 service.

The cost for the Classroom Clinic mental health therapy service for this school year is 97-thousand 500 dollars.


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