Storm Lake Resident Talks as Part of Campaign to Pump Life into Local Marina

A longtime Storm Lake resident is speaking up as part of the “Re-Fun The Lake” campaign to revitalize the Casino Beach marina.

Steve Brashears feels there is a good opportunity at this time to get something done…

Citizens wanting to see the marina get revived are urged to contact the Buena Vista County Board of Supervisors…

Brashears says an upgraded marina would especially be beneficial for tourism…

Brashears is unsure about an exact time frame on this matter.

Contact information for BV County Board of Supervisors members can be found below…

Kathy Croker

Kelly Snyder

Paul Merten

Rhonda Ringgenberg

Dan Hartman


May unenployment holds at 2.8%

The jobs numbers are out for May and Iowa Workforce Development director, Beth Townsend, says they are positive. “The unemployment rate