Storm Lake Police Recognizes Officers for Life Saving Incident

The Storm Lake Police Department is recognizing two of their officers for outstanding performance and actions taken during a 911 call that occurred earlier this month.

According to a post on the Storm Lake Police Department Facebook page, Lieutenant Matt Younie and K-9 Officer Mitch McDonald responded to an unknown problem call at a Storm Lake residence on August 12th. Upon arrival, they located a woman who was unconscious and not breathing. Officers were unable to immediately determine what had occurred due to a language barrier.

Officer McDonald immediately began CPR, while Lieutenant Younie attempted communicate with family members to determine what happened. The officers determined that the woman had tried to eat something, and was choking prior to becoming unconscious. The officers successfully removed the obstruction from her airway, which saved her life.

The department says the woman has returned home from the hospital and is doing well. Lieutenant Younie and Officer McDonald will both be awarded with the Storm Lake Police Department’s Life Saving Medal next year during Police Week.



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