Storm Lake Implements Mandatory Water Conservation Measures

The City of Storm Lake has implemented mandatory water conservation measures, effective today (Mon).

According to a news release, water use has continued to spike to levels that stress the capacity of the city’s storage and treatment facilities. The measures will continue until further notice.

Water use yesterday (Sun) was approximately double the year-around average for use on that day of the week. Conservation is necessary to ensure that there will be an adequate supply for residential and commercial use at all times and to retain a reserve in the towers to supply any firefighting needs that may arise.

Find the list of provisions in place during Storm Lake’s mandatory water conservation below. The measures also apply to outside contract users of Storm Lake water including residents of Lakeside, Lake Creek, and Truesdale.

During mandatory conservation, the following provisions are in place:

 No home or commercial lawn or tree watering during the peak heat of the day, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Violators are subject to a municipal violation penalty. When watering, please use a water control nozzle or sprinkler timer to reduce waste. Flower beds/pots and vegetable gardens can be watered using a watering can or a hose that can regulate flow.

 No vehicle washing at residential properties during the hours of 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

  • No use of water to clean driveways and sidewalks.
  • No power washing of homes, buildings or concrete areas is permitted without City approval and scheduling at a lower-demand time. Contact the City of Storm Lake for more information at 732-8000.
  • No refilling of pools is permitted without City approval and scheduling at a lower-demand time. Contact the City of Storm Lake for more information at 732-8000.

 New seedings and sod shall be delayed until further notice.

  • Drinking water supply cannot be used for dust control or construction purposes unless specific approval is received from the City.

Mandatory measures also apply to City uses. Conservation measures began last week for the waterparks and the golf course. During mandatory conservation, the City will curtail flushing of streets, sewers and hydrants except for emergencies. Sprinkling of lawns on City property and City ballfields will be curtailed. Watering of golf course fairways and greens will be minimized. Washing of City vehicles, use of water for flow tests and fire trainings, and use of fountains will not take place. Permits for new sod will not be issued.

If the mandatory measures do not achieve a 20 percent reduction in water demand, and the water plant reaches full capacity, the Mayor or City Manager would if necessary proclaim a Water Emergency with stricter measures, as outlined in the City’s Water Conservation Plan.


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