Storm Lake Fire Department Named 2023 Grand Marshals for City’s 150th Anniversary

The Storm Lake Fire Department has been named the 2023 Grand Marshals in honor of the city’s 150th anniversary to coincide with The Star Spangled Spectacular. The theme that’s headlining this year is “Three Cheers to 150 Years.”

The department consists of two full-time members, Fire Chief Glenn Schlesser, and Firefighter Josh Fevold, as well as 27 volunteer firefighters. The SLFD was founded in 1881. In addition to Storm Lake, the department protects a 93-square mile perimeter including Truesdale and Lakeside.

All current and former members of the SLFD are invited to participate in the Big Parade on July 4th at 10:30 am. During the parade, the fire department will showcase its trucks, retired trucks, and a vintage pump cart in the parade.

Star Spangled Spectacular Commodores of the Jared and Ty Eggers encourage other local organizations to join the SLFD in the Big Parade by filling out an entry form at by June 15th.



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