Storm Lake City Council Addresses Concern About King’s Pointe Potential Punch Passes

During the Storm Lake City Council Meeting last month, there was a discussion regarding King’s Pointe Resort offering punch cards for its holiday season.

In November, King’s Pointe’s General Manager, Amy Von Bank suggested selling punch cards explaining that it would be more flexible for residents. Many on the council had questions about affordability and what criteria constitute a family. At the time, the council decided to table the discussion to allow the members to think about potential questions or concerns they had before making a decision.

At Monday’s meeting, a Storm Lake resident expressed her fear that the punch cards will take the place of King’s Pointe’s season passes.

Mayor Mike Porsch reiterated that the committee didn’t feel like they had enough time to make an informed decision, so they agreed to set it aside until more information had been presented. However, Mayor Porsch did provide a timeline of when the outcome would be made.

Council Member Kevin McKinney added that he was appreciative to hear feedback from the resident and encouraged others from the public to share what’s on their hearts.



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