State Senator Arrested in Sac County During RAGBRAI ; Charged With Simple Misdemeanor

A state legislator riding on RAGBRAI has been charged with interference with official acts for refusing to move off a road in a local county.

According to a Sac County Deputy, there was a big party in the middle of a road in an unincorporated town about 16 miles southwest of Sac City Monday afternoon. The deputy said he approached State Senator Adrian Dickey and asked him to move — so the road could be opened to traffic — and Dickey said he wasn’t going to move and argued with the deputy. The deputy told Dickey he was risking arrest and Dickey told the deputy to arrest him. Dickey’s attorney says Dickey and his RAGBRAI team took an alternate route that led them to the road that was blocked by several hundred people. Dickey’s attorney says there was a misunderstanding between Dickey and the deputy, and Dickey was trying to get through the larger group and onto the bike trail.

Senator Dickey says he is innocent of the charge. Dickey is a Republican from Packwood. He was released from the Sac County Jail on a 300-dollar bond. A court hearing is scheduled for August 8th. Interference with official acts is a simple misdemeanor and carries a sentence of up to 30 days in jail.

(credit to Radio Iowa)


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