STARS Mentor-Mentee Talk Importance of Mentoring; Stress Need for More Mentors

Members of the STARS Mentoring Program provided an update at Wednesday’s Storm Lake school board meeting.

One of the mentees in the program, sophomore Melanie Garcia, is mentored by local school board member Erika Dierking. Garcia said the program has benefited her in many ways…

Dierking has been Garcia’s mentor for the last three years, and said it’s been a great experience. Dierking said the program really needs more mentors…

STARS coordinator Angie Woodford said the program has been rebuilding since the pandemic. There are currently around 50 to 55 mentor-mentee matches. There were between 80 to 100 matches prior to the pandemic. Woodford said six high school girls reached out to her in the last two weeks about wanting a mentor. Over half of the current mentors in the program are college students. There is especially a need for male mentors.

An event is planned for Tuesday, October 3rd from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Storm Lake Middle School Auxiliary Gym for those interested in possibly becoming a mentor or wanting to learn more about the program. Those that are interested can also contact Angie Woodford at the middle school.

The STARS Mentoring Program is in its 16th year. Mentees in the program are students in grades five through 12.


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