Star Spangled Spectacular Fundraising About to Get Started

Fundraising for this year’s Storm Lake Star Spangled Spectacular kicks off next Monday, June 3rd.

The Spectacular Committee has its sights set on breaking the fundraising record set last year of 44 thousand dollars. Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs Josh Newhouse and Matt Brostad are mailing more than 700 letters to previous donors and prospects. Fundraising categories include “Liberty Bell Ringers” who give 350 dollars or more… “Patriots” who give between 150 and 349 dollars… “Skyrockets” who donated between 100 and 149 dollars… “Firecrackers” who give between 50 and 99 dollars… and “Sparklers” who donated up to 49 dollars.

Donations can be made online at, or mail to Josh Newhouse, Fundraising Co-Chair, PO Box 457, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588.

The Star Spangled Spectacular is planned annually by volunteers who ask the community and its businesses to provide support for fireworks, entertainment, insurance, golf cart rentals, sanitation, postage, along with other supplies and day-of needs. Storm Lake area donors typically contribute a majority of the annual June donations to the July 3rd and 4th event. Registrations for the Big Parade are encouraged by June 21st.