Slight Setback for Company Seeking to Build Carbon Pipeline Through Northwest Iowa

There’s been a bit of a setback for one of the companies wanting to build a carbon capture pipeline through northwest Iowa.

The Iowa Utilities Board has reportedly rejected an application from Navigator CO2 Ventures to hold a scheduling conference for the hearing on their Heartland Greenway pipeline. The conference had originally been scheduled for today (Tues). Navigator had sought the scheduling conference with the aim of holding their permit hearing before the board next June. However, landowners, the Iowa chapter of the Sierra Club, the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation, and supervisors from six counties filed objections to the proposed schedule.

Buena Vista is one of the counties that the proposed Navigator pipeline would run through. In a ruling, the utilities board has rejected Navigator’s proposed schedule, setting the scheduling hearing for Monday, October 9th. The final date for the permit hearing on Navigator’s application will be set at that time.

(courtesy Community First Broadcasting station KUOO in Spirit Lake through KTIV Sioux City)