Sioux Rapids Latest Information on Flood Recovery

Buena Vista County Emergency Management is urging citizens who don’t live in Sioux Rapids and aren’t volunteering in the community with flood cleanup to stay away from town.

Officials have been monitoring traffic at the water/volunteer station to keep unnecessary traffic out of Sioux Rapids. The Iowa National Guard arrived to help in the community over the weekend, and was scheduled to be there for a few days.

If anyone in Sioux Rapids needs volunteers to help them with cleanup or knows someone who does, send a message through the “Sioux Rapids Flood Update” Facebook page, or visit The City of Sioux Rapids website at

Highway 71 through Sioux Rapids reopened to traffic last week.

Highway 59 near Cherokee is still blocked in both directions as of early this (Mon) morning.

A portion of Highway 18 between Spencer and Dickins also remains blocked in both directions. A detour operation is in place.

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