Severe Drought Has Mostly Vanished in Northwest Iowa

Severe drought has largely disappeared in northwest Iowa.

According to the latest Iowa drought monitor released Thursday, severe drought is now completely absent from several area counties, including Buena Vista, as well as Cherokee, Clay, O’Brien, and Pocahontas. All of those counties are still plagued by moderate drought. Portions of Sac and Calhoun counties are still showing severe drought, along with tiny portions of Ida and Palo Alto counties.

Several inches of rain fell around the area late last week. Over five inches was measured outside the Storm Lake Radio stations from last Thursday into last Saturday.

Overall, about 58 percent of Iowa is experiencing severe drought or worse, down nearly ten percent from the previous week. Much of the eastern half of the state is in extreme drought. Practically all of Iowa remains at least abnormally dry or in moderate drought.


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