Sac County Attorney Finds Additional Information in Follow-Up to Lake View Man

Sac County Attorney Ben Smith has released additional details regarding the investigation following an injury to Stanley “Sam” Mortensen II in May.

On Saturday, May 20th around 1 am, 50-year-old Sam Mortensen II was found unconscious in the 100 Block of West 4th Street in Lake View. Mortensen suffered from an apparent head injury, raising concerns about a potential assault.

Mortensen regained consciousness at the scene, later being transported to the Loring Hospital and later to the Methodist Hospital in Des Moines after his condition worsened.

At the request of the Lake View Police Department, the Sac County Sheriff’s Office overtook the case days following the incident. Over the month, they collected and analyzed lots of data.

After thoroughly scanning the evidence, Sac County Attorney Ben Smith determined that Mortensen’s head injury was due to a fall caused by a medical condition he had previously been treated for. Thus, the final analysis is that Mortensen suffered from a fall rather than the initial concerns of a criminal act of violence.



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