RIDES Announces Vanpooling Partnership

The RIDES Regional Transit Authority has announced a partnership to provide vanpooling.

RIDES has partnered with a coordinated vanpooling program called “Commute With Enterprise.” The program is available to people who live inside or outside Buena Vista County and wish to access jobs in the area. The program coordinates participants who indicate their interest through various channels such as at their jobsite or via an online portal. The program then matches riders with similar work shifts in similar areas and are interested in riding together.

Each vanpool is customized to the specific needs of the group. Once four or more people are matched, a “Commute With Enterprise” representative will work with the group to identify needs and provide solutions. “Commute With Enterprise” provides the seven to 15-passenger vehicle, insurance, maintenance, and ongoing support. According to a press release, RIDES chose to work with “Commute With Enterprise” to bring their expertise and professionalism to Buena Vista County to ensure program success.

RIDES will partially subsidize the vanpool program. Those who commute to or from Buena Vista County and are interested in joining the program can do so by clicking here.