Prairie Lakes AEA Champions Student Success Through Audiology Services

The Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency is offering audiology testing services at no cost to students from birth to graduation.

A news release from Prairie Lake’s AEA says their audiology team plays a pivotal role in identifying and managing hearing-related issues, contributing to the creation of an inclusive and supportive learning environment across the region’s public schools.

Audiologists conduct regular hearing screenings for preschool to second graders, as well as students with known hearing loss from preschool through 12th grade. Nearly 17-thousand screenings were conducted last year. The hearing screenings are conducted within schools or through Prairie Lake’s AEA’s state-of-the-art hearing booths in Storm Lake, Spencer, Fort Dodge, and Algona.

765 screenings were conducted in booths out of last year’s total. The goal is for early detection to promptly address potential issues to ensure optimal communication and learning.

Prairie Lakes AEA’s audiology services are also highly accessible and available at no cost. Families concerned about their child’s hearing can reach out to Prairie Lakes AEA online at