Owner of Storm Lake Garbage Service Provider Addresses Recent Illicit Discharge Incidents

The owner of Storm Lake’s garbage service provider was at the Storm Lake City Council meeting today (Mon) to discuss several recent illicit discharge violations.

Carroll Refuse Service was cited for hydraulic leaks and/or liquid garbage on public property on four dates from late May through the middle of June. Local businesses have also reported liquid garbage on private property. Carroll Refuse owner Curt Snyder said they had two major hydraulic leaks due to faulty a hose and crimp, both in high traffic areas in town. Other leaks were from trucks that dumpsters are emptied into, and liquid that’s created by trash seeps out at some point.

Snyder said part of the problem is a large amount of disposed milk that they pick up from the local schools…

Snyder said they also had trouble the last couple years or so getting the parts necessary to hold the liquid garbage in the trucks. Since the parts are no longer on back order, he said they’ll now replace those parts quarterly instead of every six months to hopefully eliminate the problem before it starts.

Council member Tyson Rice said these types of issues have been going on for several months. Snyder said he’s passionate about keeping Storm Lake clean…

Snyder said they’ll also attempt to unload trucks at the landfill more frequently. Mayor Mike Porsch said he appreciates that the company is seeking solutions, and wants to move forward and see if the changes work.

Carroll Refuse has provided trash service in Storm Lake for the last four years. They serve a total of 27 cities.


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